Driveways NorthWest

Start dates and completion times:  We make every effect to keep to the given schedules but as we are very weather dependant, we cannot guarantee them.

Imprinted concrete does involve the scattering of colour and release powder when laying the concrete which may result in the dust being blown about, we would advise you to inform your neighbours on day of concreting so they can keep all windows and doors closed.

Access may be restricted during the pouring of concrete and drying process.  We will discuss this with you prior to work starting to make adequate provisions for access.

We will require the access to water during installation.

Please check all gutters are clear and intact before commencement of work as we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by leaking or blocked gutters or drains.


Imprinted Concrete Colour and Finish

Pattern imprinted concrete is not an exact science.  The essence of the product is to create a natural effect that is multi shaded, therefore the colour and texture will gently change throughout the slab.

Sometimes there can be a difference between pours of base colour, this can be caused by changes in aggregate and cement and can occur with only a one hour difference in pouring times.  This normally disappears as the formulation chemically hardens over the first twelve months.

We use a mid gloss sealer which with age will slowly become satin.  If you require anti slip to be added to the sealer, please discuss this with us before sealing.

After we have washed off ready for sealing, please do not lay anything on the surface such as pots or mats as the surface needs to be kept as clean and dry as possible.

Once the concrete has been sealed you can walk upon in within two to three hours.  We would recommend not to drive on it for at least three to four days depending on the time of year.


Care and Maintenance

Never apply salt to your imprinted concrete driveway or patio in icy conditions.

The sealer will have considerably longer life if it is kept clean.  Grit build up can break the sealer surface particularly where the car is parked in the same position.  We recommend regular hosing using a soft soap wash, to keep it in good condition.

The unsealed concrete should not be parked upon until it has been sealed.  If you have to park on it , you must wait at least seven days during the summer and longer in the winter months.


Specification and Installation

If the hardcore beneath the existing area is found to be good and to the correct levels this will not be disturbed but will be re-compacted as required.  If this is not the case then new MOT roadstone will be used as required.

On a domestic driveway we will pour air and fibre entrained concrete to a minimum depth of 4″ and on paths and patios to a minimum of 3″.

When we have finished concreting the site will be closed off using hazard tape and where possible, block it off.  Once we have left site it becomes your responsibility to prevent any damage being caused by guests, cats, dogs and postmen etc.

After concreting the drive will be left for 48 hours to cure.  Joints will then be cut into the surface at approximately every 3 metres.   The driveway will also be washed at this point to remove the release powder.  This will expose the pattern however the true colour cannot be seen until the drive is sealed.

On the day of washing off, we will also wash down windows and doors to yours and neighbouring houses.   Although we try to keep the roads clean during concreting, sometimes this is not always possible with concrete wagons arriving on site.  We will therefore wash down the road and pavement outside your property when we come to wash off the driveway or patio.

Due to the nature of the process it can result in the variation of colour and depth of imprint, and water formation.  Whilst every effort and precaution is made by us to ensure this does not occur, the company cannot be held liable in respect of any defect or damage arising from or as a result of the effects of the process specified.


We operate a three stage payment system with the final payment being due on the day of completion.  These payments can be made by cash, cheque or BACS.

All materials remain the property of Driveways NorthWest (P.I.C.S.) Ltd until full payment is received.