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Frequently Asked Questions


If the hardcore beneath the existing area is found to be good and to the correct levels this will not be disturbed but will be re-compacted as required.  If this is not the case new hardcore will be put on the area.

Does weather affect things?

Yes, the weather does affect us to a certain degree.  We have to monitor the forecast and if it predicts rain, then we will not lay concrete.  Neither can we seal a driveway in wet conditions. We can install concrete all year round, however we can be slowed down during bad weather conditions.

How deep do you pour concrete?

On a domestic drive we pour concrete to a minimum depth of 4″ and on pathways and patios to a minimum depth of 3″.

How many colours and patterns are available?

We have a large variety of colours, patterns and designs and we will be happy to discuss these with you.  We have a full portfolio to view and colour boards with concrete colour samples.

Does the choice of pattern and colour affect the price?

Not at all.  You can choose whatever pattern and colour you like.  The only extra charge would be for acid staining as this requires additional visits.

What about drainage?

Planning permission is not required for permeable surfacing (e.g. shingle) or non-permeable surfacing (e.g. Pattern Imprinted Concrete) where rain/ surface water can be directed to a naturally draining area, such as garden/ lawn or a soakaway.

If these conditions cannot be fulfilled, then in accordance with the legislation passed in October 2008, planning permission will be required.

Necessary drainage requirements are installed at the preparation stage.  We will install deco drain and or, key drain where needed as per your quotation.

Can we see some of your work?

Yes, some people like to see completed projects to see the quality of our work and to gain ideas.  We are happy to offer a list of completed projects in your area.
We also have two large outdoor display areas at two local garden centres.

How long must we stay of the driveway?

We recommend 24-48 hours for pedestrian traffic, once the concrete has been laid.  However we recommend not to drive on the unsealed formulation.
After the final stage of the project, which is to seal the driveway it will be perfectly ok to walk on it after a couple of hours.  However we recommend leaving cars of the driveway for a least four days.  This will give the sealant plenty of time to dry.

What about access to our home once concrete has been poured?

We will always maintain foot access to your home at all times.  This can be done by either removing a neighbours fence panel or using planks which would be set up securely.

Are there any do’s and don’ts

Yes, never apply salt to your driveway or patio in icy conditions.

Why are control joints cut into the driveway?

We recommend the introduction of control joints, to allow the expansion and contraction which naturally occurs in concrete during temperature change, the control joints absorb this movement and help to prevent the driveway from cracking.

Do you guarantee against cracking?

No, It is rare that you will find a concrete contractor or concrete manufacturer that will tell you that they guarantee that the concrete will not crack.  Concrete cracking is a normal process in the curing of concrete.  Our job is to try to control where the concrete is going to crack and we do this by strategically placing control/expansion joints.  
Cracks rarely affect the structural integrity of the concrete.

Is pattern imprinted concrete maintenance free?

Pattern imprinted concrete is virtually maintenance free.  Weeds cannot grow through concrete and seeds cannot develop on the surface.  The only maintenance necessary is to have the drive or patio resealed approximately every two to three years (depending on how much the driveway or patio is used).   Once the driveway is resealed it will be restored to its original beauty.

How can I pay for my drive?

We operate a three stage payment system.  These payments can be made by cash, cheque or Bacs.